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Winter at Penshurst Place, Kent

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‘A Garden…is the Purest of Human Pleasure. It is the Greatest Refreshment to the Spirits of Man’

Francis Bacon (1561-1626)


Snowy avenue
Penshurst Place

January 2021

I love walking in the snow. The world falls silent, transformed into a kingdom of magic and beauty. But how to visit a garden when you can’t get further than the end of your road? Impossible – unless you’re lucky enough to be sent these wonderful images by Penshurst Place! I am extremely grateful.

Sir John de Pulteney, Mayor of London, Member of the Drapers Company and successful businessman built the house in 1341. Pulteney died eight years later – possibly from the Black Death – and Penshurst was subsequently owned by 3rd Duke of Buckingham.

Buckingham was executed in 1521 for treason and the estate reverted to the Crown until Henry VIII’s death in 1547.

Henry’s son, Edward VI gave the estate to Sir Ralph Fane but after he was also executed for treason, Penshurst was given to Sir William Sidney; the estate has remained in the Sidney family ever since.

Philip Sidney, poet and author of Arcadia, was born at Penshurst in 1554.

After a period of neglect, the gardens were restored in 1850s by George Devey for Lord De L’Isle who modelled them on Kip’s view of the gardens in 1719.

The gardens include the Italian Garden, the Raised Terrace Walk, the Lily Pond, the Rose Garden, the Orchard Gardens, the Magnolia Garden, the Stage Garden, Diana’s Bath and the Union Flag Garden.

The gardens reopen to the public in February although the surrounding park is free to visitors and open all year round.

For more information on visiting Penshurst Place, click here.




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