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View from the Walled Garden to the Surrounding Park

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‘A Garden…is the Purest of Human Pleasure. It is the Greatest Refreshment to the Spirits of Man’

Francis Bacon (1561-1626)


The South Facade of the house
Hughenden Manor in Buckinghamshire

AUGUST, 2020

After Waddesdon, I travelled to Hughenden Manor, home of Benjamin Disraeli. Both estates were at their prime during the latter half of the nineteenth century but they are on a totally different scale. Hughenden Manor was originally a farmhouse although it was remodelled in 1863 by Edward B Lamb. Disraeli wrote: ‘we  have restored the house to what it was before the Civil Wars, and we have made a garden of terraces, in which cavaliers might roam, and saunter, with their ladye-loves!’

Lady Beaconsfield laid out the garden. The terrace with its statues and vases runs along the south of the house with steps leading down to the grass parterre. A path runs either side meeting at the rose garden at the far end.

My favourite part of the garden is the irregular shaped Walled Garden. Attached to the east side of the stable yard, it was replanted in 1990s with vegetables, fruit trees and bushes. The south wall is lower than the others which allows wonderful views over the park.

If you have time, walk through the woods to The Monument. It was erected by Lady Beaconsfield and is dedicated to Disraeli’s father, Isaac Disraeli.



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