An exciting new exhibition dedicated to baroque art in England, opened at Tate on Tuesday and runs until 19th April. Emerging from Europe where it had flourished since the early seventeenth century, the Baroque style was characterised by drama and grandeur and was meant to appeal to all the senses, including emotion.

After the restoration of Charles II until the death of Queen Anne in 1714, Britain went through a period of great change. There was an influx of artists and craftspeople from Europe and a portrait painted in the baroque style or an elaborate mural by James Thornhill was confirmation of your power and status in society.

The exhibition includes works by Peter Lely, Godfrey Kneller and James Thornhill [see Hanbury Hall]. Also look out for Jan Sieberechts’ View of Chatsworth and Jan Griffier’s Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire.

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