Beddington is a suburban area in the London Borough of Sutton. The landscaped wooded park covers 58 hectares and has a playground, a cafe and numerous sports facilities. The River Wandle flows through it.

The Wandle is shallow and slow-flowing with pebbles lining its bottom; it sparkles as the sun shines on the water and it is easy to imagine the river filled with Lilliputian figures. On my visit, children were paddling in the shallow waters.

It hides a fascinating history….

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Address: Sutton, Greater London, SM6 7NN View map Length of visit: 1-2 hours
Dog friendly: Yes
Cafe: Yes
Car park: No
House open: No
House open - occasionally: No
Family friendly: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Wheelchair - majority: Yes

For information on opening times and to buy tickets: Click here

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