Marble Hill House

The exciting project for recreating the gardens has started.

English Heritage with a grant by National Lottery, is reviving the landscape, opening the house more often and improving the facilities across the park.

Work has already begun on restoring the flower gardens, ninepin bowling alley, terraces and serpentine paths using a recently discovered plan of c1749.

There were also two grottoes at Marble Hill although only one has been discovered. Currently closed to the public, some of the shells have been rescued and are being stored at Wrest Park.

The house is currently closed but will be reopened after the restoration work has finished.

Combine a visit to Marble Hill with a tour of the gardens at Ham House – catch the Hammerton Foot Ferry across the River Thames.

The gardens and park are free to enter.


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Address: Twickenham, London, TW1 2NL View map Phone: 020 8892 5155 Length of visit: 1-2 hours
Dog friendly: Yes
Cafe: Yes
Car park: Yes
House open: No
House open - occasionally: No
Family friendly: Yes
Parking on Grass Verge: No
Toilets: Yes
Wheelchair - majority: Yes

For information on opening times and to buy tickets: Click here

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