Don’t expect a garden filled with flowers when you visit Stowe. Instead enjoy an 18th century landscape garden filled with political and classical references.

There’s so much to discover – make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

Explore the Elysian Fields (The Temple of Ancient Virtue and across the water, the Temple of British Worthies) the Grecian valley, the Eastern Gardens (The Gothic Temple, The Temple of Friendship and the Palladian Bridge) as well as the Lake Pavilions and Corinthian Arch.

The house is occasionally open to the public – it is now a public school.

National Trust members visit for free.

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Address: Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5EQ View map Phone: 01280 817156 Length of visit: 4-5 hours
Dog friendly: Yes
Cafe: Yes
Car park: Yes
House open: No
House open - occasionally: No
Family friendly: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Wheelchair - partly: Yes

For information on opening times and to buy tickets: Click here

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