The Moot

 Bridgeman was an early pioneer of the more natural approach to gardening and became Royal Gardener to Queen Anne. Although none of the original garden buildings survive at The Moot, the layout is still visible with an amphitheatre and tri-lobe lake. There are plans to recreate some of the garden buildings.

The gardens are free to visit and are open all year. There’s a car park nearby.

The house is across the road from the gardens and is now privately owned.

It’s a great place to walk the dog.

Check the website before visiting as occasionally the Downton Moot Preservation Trust hold events.



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Address: Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 3PH View map Phone: N/A Length of visit: 1-2 hours
Dog friendly: Yes
Cafe: No
Car park: Yes
House open: No
House open - occasionally: No
Family friendly: Yes
Toilets: No
Wheelchair: No

For information on opening times and to buy tickets: Click here

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