At last it was a sunny weekend, so I headed west to Minterne gardens near Dorchester. My visit coincided with a Fair in aid of RNLI and St Andrew’s Church but luckily not many visitors walked around the woodland garden.

Facade of house with stalls infront

There’s a circular walk around the Woodland Walk and you travel high up into the Himalayas – it’s stunning at this time of year.

WOodland Walk
Flowers beside a small waterfall
Yellow azaleas and trees soaring up into the blue sky
Mauve rhododendrons in front of a himalayan hut

There’s a cafe on the Terrace in front of the house

Close up of pink rhododendron

The History of Minterne

Minterne House was designed by Leonard Stokes in 1904-6 for Edward Henry Trafalgar Digby, 10th Baron Digby. It stands on the site of an earlier house within an eighteenth century landscape that was laid out by Admiral Robert Digby, younger brother of Lord Digby of Sherborne Castle. A ha-ha divides the lawns from the pleasure grounds, serpentine lake and park. Magnificent collection of rhododendrons which was started by the 9th Baron Digby in the late nineteenth century and continued by his son. The house remains in private ownership.

Yellow rhododendron


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