About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. I am so excited to be able to share with you my love of gardens through photographs, practical information and historical facts.

I’ve always loved Nature, Art and History and after completing my Masters in Garden History at Bristol University, I discovered how I could combine my passions in one subject.

You will find lots of information here about when the gardens are open, whether they’re wheelchair friendly and if dogs are allowed. And there are also some quirky facts. Did you know for example, that from the garden, the Tower at Cotehele in Cornwall, has three windows but only two can be seen from the inside? Behind the tapestry in the Tower room is a panel which leads to another room. Is this where the Edgcumbes hid during the Civil War?

When I’m not photographing and researching historic gardens, I can be found either walking or visiting art galleries.

Camilla x

PS You will also occasionally see photos of my dog, Oz, a beautiful black labrador whom I greatly miss.

North Cornwall